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Texas Spine and Scoliosis gets real estate developer back on course

successful return to career and golf after spine surgery texas austin houston waco san antonioKip doesn’t let much slow him down. When not busy with his successful career as a real estate developer, Kip enjoys spending time with his seven grandchildren as well as outdoor activities such as hunting, skiing and golfing.

About three years ago, Kip began having pain in his low back and buttocks, which also radiated into his legs. His symptoms were dull and sporadic at first, but as time went by, the pain worsened and became more persistent. While anti-inflammatories helped to temporarily relieve his pain, simple activities such as walking were becoming very painful.

Seeking relief for the painful symptoms, Kip made an appointment with his physician, who referred him to Dr. Matthew Geck at Texas Spine and Scoliosis.

A fellowship-trained spine and scoliosis surgeon, Dr. Geck viewed Kip’s diagnostics and determined that L4-5 spondylolisthesis and lumbar stenosis were causing increased pressure on the surrounding nerves in his narrowing spinal canal. Dr. Geck then met with Kip to discuss the options for treating his condition. They decided to first try a nonsurgical approach – spinal injections; however, the pain returned.

“I was driving to a business meeting and realized I would have to park a block and a half away. I considered not attending because of how painful it would be to walk that distance,” Kip remembers. He knew he needed to return to his active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Kip returned to see Dr. Geck, who then recommended Dr. Eeric Truumees, another fellowship-trained spine surgeon. Dr. Truumees met with Kip and discussed his treatment options, including the spine surgery and fusion necessary to relieve pressure on his compressed spinal nerves. Kip decided to move forward with the surgery and Dr. Truumees performed the L4-5 posterior spinal fusion and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. Kip’s relief from pain was almost immediate.

Today, Kip is back at work and enjoying the things he loves to do - all without pain.

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