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Texas Spine and Scoliosis - A Team Approach

Four out of five Americans will have an attack of back pain during their lifetime. Many people are doomed to endless visits to the back doctor. That's because once you have your first back pain attack, you are four times more likely to have a recurrence. If you have back or neck pain, we are now in a position to help.

Texas Spine and Scoliosis is the only combined Neurosurgery, Orthopedic surgery and Physical Medicine group in central Texas. The main location is in Austin, Texas. Texas Spine and Scoliosis is a regional spine center for the treatment of back and neck problems. The center includes the expertise of Dr. John K. Stokes, a board-certified, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with a focus entirely on the spine, Dr. Matthew Geck, a fellowship-trained orthopedic spinal surgeon who specializes in scoliosis as well as adult & pediatric spine surgery and Dr. Eeric Truumees, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon. At Texas Spine and Scoliosis in central Texas, Dr. Truumees specializes in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine disorders. The Austin spine center also includes Dr. Lee Moroz, a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist that focuses on the non-surgical treatment of back and neck pain and Dr. Enrique B. Pena a board-certified physical medicine & rehabilitation physician with fellowship-training in interventional spine, musculoskeletal and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Dr. Moroz, Dr. Pena, Dr. Stokes, Dr. Truumees, and Dr. Geck are able to care for any type of back or neck problem, from the simple back or neck strain all the way to the most complex spine surgery. Dr. John Stokes, Dr. Matthew Geck and Dr. Eeric Truumees are all board-certified and fellowship-trained in spine surgery - the highest level of medical training in the U.S.

Texas Spine and Scoliosis has X-ray and other diagnostics under one roof in Austin, so the back or neck pain patient no longer has to drive around town for care. All the necessary testing and non-operative treatment under one roof eliminates the need for multiple referrals, delayed care and confusion.

A nonsurgical approach to back and neck pain

texas nonsurgical spine physician dr lee moroz

What makes Texas Spine and Scoliosis unique is its emphasis on a nonsurgical approach to back and neck problems. If your back or neck problem requires surgery, Texas Spine and Scoliosis has two fellowship-trained spine surgeons who already treat the area's most complex surgical cases. These cases include herniated discs, spinal fractures, spinal deformity, spinal tumor and scoliosis. Dr. Matthew Geck, Dr. John Stokes and Dr. Eeric Truumees use some of the most advanced instrumentation and spine surgery techniques. Because of the minimally invasive techniques used by Texas Spine and Scoliosis surgeons, many patients are able to have their spine surgery in Austin and then return home the same day to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Pain relief through a focus on function

Pain is a signal from the body to the brain that something is wrong. Either the back is too weak, too inflexible, something lifted was too heavy or the wrong body mechanics were used. And, unfortunately, those doctors who focus exclusively on pain symptoms often recommend a course of treatment that is the exact opposite of what the individual needs to recover from the back problem.

Years ago, for example, doctors treated back pain with bed rest and heavy drugs to mask the discomfort. It was found, however, that this type of treatment was actually damaging to the back, because it caused muscles in the back to get weaker, in turn, causing more strain and pain. Patients became more dependent on drugs and grew more inactive and disabled.

In fact, pain relief actually can come through movement. Low-impact sports like walking and swimming are the best way to make the back feel better and stronger.

Texas Spine and Scoliosis also uses written clinical protocols to improve care and reduce treatment variation — the essence of true quality management. This enables us to make sure the right thing is done at the right time, every time. This also makes sure that every nonsurgical option has been explored — such as therapy and injections — before spine surgery is considered.

While others talk about quality, we measure outcomes with patient severity data at intake and functional status post treatment. Lastly, this new spine and scoliosis center in Austin audits patient satisfaction so we can continually improve, because that's what quality is all about.


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Texas Spine and Scoliosis is a regional referral center for the treatment of back and neck pain and scoliosis

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