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Spine Surgery

Working mom back to life after surgery to remove a spine tumor

As a financial services executive and physically active wife and momsuccessful return to action after spine tumor removal in texas, houston, austin, waco, san antonio with young children, Kelli doesn’t have much time to slow down.

When she began experiencing pain in her arm and neck a few years ago, Kelli wasn’t overly concerned. However, as months and years passed, she also noticed reduced range of motion in her left shoulder and numbness in her hand and arm. “I just didn’t feel right,” Kelli remembers, “I was not able to do as much at yoga and didn’t ski as often.”

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Kelli scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic spine surgeon in Austin. The surgeon examined her and reviewed her medical history before ordering an MRI. After reviewing the MRI results, the surgeon determined that Kelli had a spinal tumor between C4-C5. The tumor was growing on the left and causing a slight bend in her spinal cord. Kelli was relieved when the surgeon told her that the tumor was very treatable. He then referred her to two neurosurgeons and she met with both of them. One of the neurosurgeons was Dr. John Stokes, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Texas Spine and Scoliosis.

spine tumor removal success story austin texas, waco texas, houston texas

“When I met with Dr. Stokes, our conversation began with him asking questions about my family and work, questions that would allow him to get to know me,” Kelli remembers. During her appointment, she noted his attention to detail and good sense of humor. “I was prepared for my appointment and had a list of questions for Dr. Stokes, which he answered all in detail. I could tell he had studied my MRI and reviewed my case before my appointment,” she says. Dr. Stokes talked with Kelli about the surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He cautioned her about the risks involved with spine tumor removal.

After much thought, Kelli chose Dr. Stokes to perform the surgery to remove her spine tumor. Her surgery was successful and she was relieved that the numbness in her hand was gone.

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spine tumor removal success story austin texas, waco texas, houston texas

Kelli wore a neck brace for three months following her surgery. She knew walking would be an important part of her recovery, and soon Kelli was walking up to two miles at a time. She returned to her full workload, including travel, within two months of her surgery. Kelli has entered physical therapy and continues to see improvements in her activity level.

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